PX Special Issue in IPSJ Journal

A special issue titled "Emerging Research on Programming Experience: From Language Design to Industrial Applications" collected seven articles that covered broad and latest topics in PX, not only in academia (programming language, software engineering, and human-computer interaction) but also in startup and maker cultures, written by established professionals in the field.


All of the articles are written in Japanese. Meanwhile, for Sean's article on live programming, you can read almost the same content in English in the LIVE CFP page.

IPSJ Journal Vol.58 No.11
0. Foreword Jun Kato, Hidehiko Masuhara (AIST, Titech)
1. Live Programming for A Fluid Programming ExperienceSean McDirmid (Y Combinator Research HARC); Jun Kato (translation)
2. Seeing New Trends in PX through Startup ExamplesTaka Umada (The University of Tokyo)
3. The Past, Present, and Future of Programming in HCIRyo Suzuki (University of Colorado Boulder)
4. Programming of Consumer Electronics and HomesTsubasa Yumura (NICT)
5. Domain Specific Languages and Language-Oriented ProgrammingKazuhiro Ichikawa (The University of Tokyo)
6. Toward Easy COmpiler Warning Messages for Novice ProgrammersKatsuhiko Gondow et al. (Titech)
7. Programming Activity Analysis using Biological InformationHidetake Uwano (NIT, Nara College)


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