The seventh workshop (SIGPX)

SIGPX is a Japanese domestic study group for those interested in programming environments and their programming experience, founded in January 2016. We gather for exchanging information on state-of-the-art research and development projects relevant to programming experience. This page shows the overview of its seventh workshop.


Around 15 researchers including over half of students attended the event, introducing their latest research work. The attendees provided about 20min presentations and received feedback through discussions and Slack messages.

We are using the Slack team and Google Docs for fostering discussions during and even after the event. Let me know if you are interested in participation, though the primary language is Japanese.


14:50 Session #1
Neural Program Synthesis for Competitive ProgrammingHiroaki Mikami (Preferred Networks, Inc.)
A Context-aware Keyword Programming SystemShu Aoch (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
An automatic graph layout technique that makes it easy to see the relationship among data structuresTomoki Ogushi(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
14:55 Session #2 Lightning Talks
15:10 Session #3
Programming Environment Design Research for Convivial ComputingJun Kato (AIST)
Cryptography and Usability for Software DeveloperAkira Kanaoka (Toho University)
A Visual Programming Tool for Object-oriented Programming EducationSherif Omari (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Formal Verification for Game QAIsamu Hasegawa (SQUARE ENIX)
16:28 Session #4 Coffee Break
16:33 Session #5
A Programming Environment based on Design RecipesJunya Nose (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Live Visualization for Deep Learning DevelopmentChunqi Zhao (The University of Tokyo)
Live Programming Support for Halide Scheduling StrategiesYuka Takahashi (The University of Tokyo)