The forth workshop (SIGPX)

SIGPX is a Japanese domestic study group for those interested in programming environments and their programming experience, founded in January 2016. We gather for exchanging information on state-of-the-art research and development projects relevant to programming experience. This page shows the overview of its forth workshop.


Around 20 researchers including about half of students attended the event, introducing their latest research work in a simplified version of the Writer's Workshop format. Some attendees provided 15min presentations followed by 5 or more minutes of critiques, reviews, and general discussions. Others provided short (3min or more) lightning talks.

We are using the Slack team and Google Docs for fostering discussions during and even after the event. Let me know if you are interested in participation, though the primary language is Japanese.


11:00 Session #0
Overview of SIGPX and Relevant International ActivitiesJun Kato (AIST), Hidehiko Masuhara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
13:10 Session #1 Social Coding (1)
Automatic Code Exam Generation using GitHub Pull RequestsDaisuke Shibato, Junpei Mishima, Koji Yatani (The University of Tokyo)
DiDA: A Dataset of Code Diffs and Development Activities on GitHubJunpei Mishima, Daisuke Shibato, Koji Yatani (The University of Tokyo)
14:15 Session #2 Live Programming
How Sexy Kanon is?Akio Oka, Hidehiko Masuhara, Tomoyuki Aotani (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
User Interfaces for Live Programming (summary of the LIVE keynote)Jun Kato (AIST)
Reactile: Programming Swarm User Interfaces through Direct Physical ManipulationRyo Suzuki, Jun Kato, Mark D. Gross, Tom Yeh (UC Boulder, AIST)
15:10 Session #3 Lightning Talks
15:40 Session #4 Coffee Break
16:10 Session #5 Social Coding (2)
Code Examination Support Using GitHub Pull RequestsDaisuke Shibato, Shota Miyazaki, Koji Yatani (The University of Tokyo)
Adding Visual Aids to Cursors for Enhancing Non-verbal Communication in Synchronous Collaboration WorkAkira Matsuda, Jun Kato, Masa Ogata, Masahiro Hamasaki, Masataka Goto, Jun Rekimoto (The University of Tokyo, AIST)
17:10 Session #6 Development Support
How Can Testbeds Contribute to the Development Process of IoT Systems?湯村 翼 (NICT)
Making Code Linters with DNN (Work-In-Progress)Hiroaki Mikami (Sony)
A Plan to Improve Keyword ProgrammingHidehiko Masuhara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
18:20 Townhall