The second workshop (SIGPX)

SIGPX is a Japanese domestic study group for those interested in programming environments and their programming experience, founded in January 2016. We gather for exchanging information on state-of-the-art research and development projects relevant to programming experience. This page shows the overview of its second workshop.


30 researchers, engineers, and interaction designers dealing with programming languages, tools, integrated development environments attended the event, learning relevant research fields and industry efforts and getting to know each other through long (15-25min) and short (1-3min) introduction of their work.

The presentations took a broad range of topics and the discussions continue until the very end of the workshop. We are using the Slack team for fostering discussions during and even after the event. Let me know if you are interested in participation, though the primary language is Japanese.


10:50 Session #0
Overview of SIGPXJun Kato (AIST), Hidehiko Masuhara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
11:00 Session #1
A selection of interesting papers from ICSE2016Ryo Kato (DeNA)
A selection of interesting papers from CHI2016Kenta Hara, Taiki Usuba, Raika Toriyama (Meiji University)
Short intro to Microsoft Japan(Microsoft/sponsor presentation)
11:50 Lunch
13:00 Session #2
Language-oriented Programming and Domain-specific LanguagesKazuo Ichikawa (The University of Tokyo)
Addressing the Difficult Compiler Warning Messages for Novice ProgrammersKatsuhiko Gondow (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Attendance Reports on CHI UPL Workshop/ECOOP LIVE WorkshopJun Kato AIST
14:00 Short Self Introduction, Tea Break
15:20 Session #3
Qiita and Content AuthoringKotaro Chikuba (Increments, Inc)
Thoughs on the Rainfall ProblemShigeru Chiba (The University of Tokyo)
Revisiting Timeline-based Programming for Augmenting Video ContentKazuki Kurihara (Tsuda College)
16:10 Short Break
16:50 Session #4
Attendance Reports on PX/16 and Some AnnouncementsMasuhara Hidehiko (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Bootstrapping UI Frameworks in Self-sustaining SystemsRobert Hirschfeld (Hasso Plattner Institute)
-Yutaka Obuchi (Meiji University)
Siv3D: C++ Library for Interactive ApplicationsRyo Suzuki (Waseda University)
17:45 Discussion
18:30 Drinking Party