The first workshop (SIGPX)

SIGPX is a Japanese domestic study group for those interested in programming environments and their programming experience, founded in January 2016. We gather for exchanging information on state-of-the-art research and development projects relevant to programming experience. This page shows the overview of its first workshop.


36 researchers, engineers, and evangelists dealing with programming languages, tools, integrated development environments attended the event, getting to know each other through long (15min) and short (1min) introduction of their work.

The presentations took a broad range of topics and the discussions continue until the very end of the workshop. While discussions had already taken place in the Facebook group, we expanded it to the Slack team. Let me know if you are interested in participation, though the primary language is Japanese.


11:00 Overview
Why We Are Founding SIGPX - Trends in AcademiaJun Kato (AIST), Hidehiko Masuhara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
SIGPX in Industry (Startups)Umada Takaaki (ex-Microsoft)
11:35 Measuring and Designing PX
How Immediate is Live Programming? Benchmarking Live Programming EnvironmentsRobert Hirschfeld (Hasso Plattner Institut)
Measuring Programming Abilities with Medical MonitorsHidetake Uwano (National Institute of Technology, Nara College)
Motivate Programming Learners through "Smug" ExperienceHomei Miyashita (Meiji University)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Programming Environments
To Use Unity, or to Write Code, that is the Question.Yohei Yanase (Unity Technologies Japan)
Extension to the Viscuit Programming EnvironmentYasunori Harada (Digital Pocket)
Programming Home Appliances on the WebShigeru Owada (Sony CSL)
14:15 Programming Tools
Shigure: Towards Modular Presentation Live Programming EnvironmentTomoki Imai (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
An Advanced Source Code Reading Tool for Program ComprehensionYu Ohmura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
A Light-weight User Interface for Minimal Version ControlsHiroaki Mikami (The University of Tokyo)
15:00 Short Self Introductions (1 min each), Tea Break
15:45 Programming Applications
Programming the Entire WorldToshiyuki Masui (Keio University)
Thoughts on a Relationship between Authoring Interactive Art and Programming EnvironmentsIchiro Kanaya (University of Nagasaki)
FORMULA -> CODE, TEXT: Lessons Learned from a 3D Library ImplementationKen Wakita (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Software for Managing Lots of Servers - Infrastructure as CodeTsubasa Yumura (NICT)
16:45 Discussion
19:00 Drinking Party